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I put this together mainly to help anyone who wants to build their own telescope (Newtonian reflector on a Dobsonian mount). If you are as penny pinching as me you could build something similar for about 130-saving maybe 300-700 against a similar commercial instrument. However, after I built my scope (which was a 40th birthday present to myself) I realised that lots of people are interested in getting to grips with basic astronomy and also in the times when satellites, rocket bodies and other bits of space debris fly over their houses; anyone accessing this site should be able to use the resources here to allow them to identify any man made satellite in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) passing overhead-the predictions I give are for a specific part of the UK-(Manchester), the resources and links associated with this site allow YOU to derive your own data for whatever part of the UK you live in. You can derive a satellites launch date, location, launch vehicle etc -I am no expert on all of this-I just want to share what experience I have to date, use the navigation box above to get back to the start point in each area if you get a bit lost:

Details of satellite tracking software and basic techniques

General links to various astronomy and satellite tracking resources



Full details on building a working reflecting telescope

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Interested in what is going on overhead-several hundred miles up? Follow the breaking news in space exploration below-

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In case you are interested, I live in Marple; to the south of Manchester (UK), right on the edge of the peak district, follow the link for some good detail on the town and the community-and details on some good pubs!

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