This page will be modified at regular intervals, it will identify interesting satellites (these will be easily visible without the need for binoculars or telescopes) which fly over Marple (and Manchester) at specific dates and times, they are all fairly bright and will move at the same relative speed as a high flying airliner.. Azimuth (Az) is the direction-0 is north 180 is south. elevation (EL) is distance above horizon 0 is horizon, 45 is half way up, 90 is right above your head. best look south around the predicted time. the ISS travels from west to east.


New data sources for satellites now up and running-I will constantly update now if there is anything interesting to see..


So, look south, the ISS will travel from west to east- you must be facing south, then it travels from your right hand side and moves towards your left-from the west horizon to the east horizon about half way up. you cant miss it-it moves fast and is bright and steady. it takes about 3 mins to fly over. Below are simple overview maps with relevant dates. The maps below assume you are looking south, the track the ISS follows is shown with the start time at the start of its track, it takes about 3minutes to cover the total track. allow maybe +/- 2: mins tolerance on the start times. The Time you need to look is shown highlighted in each box below:

ISS 5-4-2015 (22:05 to 22:07)

ISS 6-4-15 (22:48 to 22:49)

 ISS 7-4-15 (21:55 to 21:58)



Above times will be updated regularly as orbital data is constantly re-evaluated, so keep watching this space!


Listed above are latest (and brightest) satellites passing over Marple, there are a few new ones recently in orbit, i will try and get some data on them and post to the site. mainly rocket bodies above, and maybe disfficult to see with moon getting brighter-some of these bits of rocket flash as they rotate.

For a schematic of the ISS (International Space Station),

For maps and details of iridium satellites.These produce amazing flares, like a flashbulb in the sky.

If you live somewhere other than Marple (basically anywhere outside the Manchester area) the above predictions will not be accurate, you can visit "heavens-above" on the web, type in your town or city, pick the satellite you want and get a valid predicted sighting for your location-give it a try!

If you manage to make an observation from the predictions on this site please leave a message on my noticeboard. even if it's just to say "I saw satellite xxxxxxx".