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This is a new area for me; Iridium flares are the result of reflections made from the antennae of Iridium satellites. These satellites are part of a network of communication satellites launched in the late 1990's. They are unusual in that they are so specifically aligned in orbit that the reflective antennae will reflect a narrow beam of light over localised areas of the earths surface, therefore these predictions are only valid from Marple-a couple of miles out of this area and you will see nothing!. These "flares" are visible for a few seconds (as the satellites reflected light effectively passes over the surface of the earth at 5 miles a second-roughly) and can often be brighter than venus. It will look like a bright flash from a specific point in the sky. I will post these as they occur over Marple-to make it easier I will give the time and a map of the sky for the area in question. The iridium flare is the bright spot with the purple arrow! allow a couple of minutes +/-tolerance on these please